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Southern Discomfort

July 16, 2018 at 5:22 PM

Original Article:

Lies and deception can destroy the best of any family, especially when the truth is staring you right in the face when a family is operating in a dysfunctional state. A curtain displaying a silhouette of a plantation features the Pollitt family, a dysfunction and contentious clan posing for a photograph on the occasion of patriarch Big Daddy's 65th birthday.

They will never be able to cope with reality because they are living in denial and dismay. The underlying scars are running so deep that it may become the norm to overlook the many problems that are spreading toxicity within the family structure.

Tennessee Williams Pulitzer Prize ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ is a sultry summer drama about the Pollitt family that has been damaged more by lies than by greed. The play observes the relationships amid members of Big Daddy's family, mainly between his son Brick and Maggie the "Cat," Brick's wife.

Set in the plantation home in the Mississippi Delta is where the Southern family crisis is in process at the patriarch Big Daddy’s (Matt DeCaro) the Delta's biggest cotton-planter" party. The celebration is for his 65thbirthday and his return from the Ochsner Clinic regarding his clean bill of health.

Big Daddy's sons Brick and Gooper have never seen eye to eye, and that same disdain festers with the wives. Gooper who never felt loved or respected has done everything Big Daddy wanted him to do; however, he still became the unloved child. Gooper and his wife Mae want the power of Big Daddy's estate transferred to them and will stoop to nothing to get everything they feel they deserve.

anthony-bowden-genevieve-angelsonAll of the family members except for Big Daddy and his wife Big Mama are cognizant of Big Daddy's actual diagnosis. His family has requested that the doctor speak propaganda to Big Daddy and Big Mama (Cindy Gold) to spare the aging couple from the pain that he is dying of cancer on the patriarch's birthday; however, the web of lies, hidden secrets and deception is taking shape amongst the family members.

Throughout the play, Big Daddy, Brick (Anthony Bowden) and Maggie (Genevieve Angelson) and the rest of the avaricious family individually must face their issues that are keeping them tormented, miserable and holding mysterious interior motives that will shake this family to the core. Secrets filled with greed, sexual desires, death, and deception.


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This powerful classic film and play that centers around Big Daddy test result and Brick's true feeling about what happened between him and his best friend Skipper will keep you engaged. Brick is dealing with an internal secret pain that has him drinking to medicate his special and true relationship with his best friend Skipper who has died due to the pressures of living in a world of lies.

Maggie seeking to win back the nature of her husband Brick and rescue him from the bottle is determined to get him into the bed with her and give Big Daddy someone he truly wants; a child from his favorite son Brick.

cast-wide-shotWhen Maggie announce at Big Daddy's party that her present to him is that she is pregnant with Brick's child, Gooper (Michael Milligan) and his wife Mae (Gail Rastorfer ) express their true feelings to Big Daddy about Maggie being pregnant is a lie to inherit some of Big Daddy's money. Mae believes she knows since she has been sneaking near their door listening to them in their room. 

Matt DeCaro as Big Daddy was superb and we enjoyed Gail Rastorfer portrayal of Mae. However, Anthony Bowden as Brick seem a little forced, and his voice doesn't seem to match the character he is portraying. 

Tony nominee Director Marcia Milgrom Dodge does an excellent job of unraveling the lies and secrets of the Pollitt family living in ruins from the devastation of the ‘Old South’ where the emotional battle leaves every family trapped in disbelief regarding their issues in life.

Let’s Play recommends this scorcher of a play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ at Drury Lane Theatre. 

The cast includes:

Genevieve Angelson (Maggie)

Anthony Bowden (Brick)

Matt DeCaro (Big Daddy)

Cindy Gold (Big Mama)

Michael Milligan (Gooper)

Gail Rastorfer (Mae)

Joe Bianco (Rev. Tooker, u/s Gooper)

Craig Spidle (Dr. Baigh, u/s Big Daddy)

Donica Lynn (Sookey)

Marcus D. Moore (u/s Sookey, Lacey)

Emma Jo Boyden (u/s Maggie, Mae)


Drury Lane Theatre Presents

Tennessee Williams’ sultry family drama

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Directed by Tony nominee Marcia Milgrom Dodge

July 5 – August 26, 2018