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A Note from Artistic Director William Osetek

Friends of Drury Lane: 

I am excited to announce that we are finally producing DEATHTRAP at Drury Lane.  Considered one of the best-written thrillers of all time, DEATHTRAP is a masterpiece- a psychological maze that ensnares the characters and audience with its intricate construction.  It has been suggested that with DEATHTRAP Ira Levin created a new genre for the theatre by reinventing the thriller and what it could be.

It is a near impossible show to describe because it is so incredibly rich with twists and complications that to even hint at the plot would reveal details that would ruin the experience.  In preparation for your trip to see DEATHTRAP at Drury Lane, don't see the movie or read the script.  The mastery of this composition is best enjoyed live and to overly prep would rob you of some of the best plot construction ever created for the theatre. 

While not caught in a traditional trap of Agatha Christie's invention by a washed out bridge or a violent storm that disallows escape, these characters are lured to this place by opportunism and held in its grasp by pure evil.  In the end all that remains are the dead bodies. 

Winner of the Edgar Award by the mystery writers of America and nominated for a Tony Award for best play, DEATHTRAP continues Drury Lane's celebration of the playwright.  Following DEATHTRAP, our homage to playwrights and authors continues in the fall with  SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE, written by Lieber and Stoller, which stands as the most successful Broadway revue of all time. We then move into CRAZY FOR YOU, by the amazing Gershwins, and ending with SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, celebrating the astonishing music of the Bee Gees.

See you at the theatre! 


William Osetek
Artistic Director
Director of DEATHTRAP